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Modern Apprentice Changes

After a very successful 2 years as Biggar RFC Modern apprentice Rhiannon is coming to the end of the SRU Modern Apprentice scheme.

On behalf of everyone at the club I would like to thank Rhiannon for all her dedicated work throughout the South Lanarkshire region. Rhiannon is very well thought of and respected by all she has come in to contact with, especially the children who she has taught at many different schools and events.

Rhiannon has also shown how her skills have matured over the time and I saw this first hand on my first day of working. I was thrown straight in to Carluke Rugby festival with over 300 Pupils attending Rhiannon had everything organised well before hand and the festival was a great success and I was extremely impressed. The proof was in the pudding by the enthusiasm of all the children who attended.

From a personnel view point, I have only had a short period of time to work with Rhiannon but I have witnessed so many excellent qualities and along with everyone at the club I would like to wish Rhiannon a very successful career in whatever path she may choose.

Andrew Barnett, Development Officer Biggar RFC.

And so to the new MA

My name is Ioni McPherson and I am passionate about sport and coaching and believe the Modern Apprentice Role will help develop my skills and enable me to gain valuable experience within all aspects of rugby. I feel that I will be able to help promote Biggar RFC and provide young people with a positive role model, demonstrating the one club one family ethos.

I believe that I would be able to start contributing straight away to promote rugby to children within the Clydesdale area and recruit new children into rugby, as well as encourage and develop the skills and behaviours of the children already involved.  I will enjoy the challenge as I am very passionate about the voluntary work I have undertaken so far, working with children and young people to make a difference

And finally Rhiannons view on her last 2 years as the clubs MA and we wish her all the best for the future and look forward to her continuing her playing career at the club

Over the past 2 years I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as the Modern Apprentice at Biggar RFC. There have been many ups and downs – working with 3 different development officers within the space of 2 years was a struggle. However, the job itself always made up for it.

Coaching in around 20 different primary schools from ages P1 – P7 was definitely a task. Although at some points it was hard, and having to drive miles to different primary schools in the middle of nowhere, I felt good doing my job. The kids always managed to put a smile on my face somehow, even if it was just the witty comments they would come out with that would stick in my mind for the rest of the day. Definitely brought out my inner child!

Organising many festivals has helped me create leadership skills which I can hopefully bring into jobs that wait for me in the future. Before this job, I had no confidence whatsoever – I was very quiet! This job has turned me into the complete opposite – working with different children every day, sitting chatting to teachers in the staff bases at lunchtime, the Modern Apprentice days held at Murrayfield – all of these little things have built up into making me a better person. I hope the kids have benefited from what I have been delivering, but I know for a fact that I have.

The online side to the job was probably my least favourite part. I would always hold it off until the very last minute but now I realise if I had gotten it done quicker I wouldn’t panic at the end of each month! Creating different assessments with 20 essay questions to be answered in each one doesn’t exactly appeal to me. However, it was part of the job and because I enjoyed every other aspect I managed to take a few hours out the week to complete them. This has also taught me not to leave things until the last minute!

The thing I will miss the most are the kids. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t always little angels, but helping kids improve in an area gives you a great satisfaction. It was even the simplest things; a girl not being able to catch a single ball in the first session and everyone getting annoyed, then to the second session where she hasn’t dropped a single ball and the smile on her face when she caught it. It’s the little things.

Overall, my time as the Modern Apprentice at Biggar RFC has been a great journey. I have loved every minute of it, even the bad and boring bits, and I hope this job changes the next Modern Apprentice the way it has changed me.


Modern Apprentice Changes

New MA starts at the club


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