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Colts Retain The Edinburgh Cup

Boroughmuir Colts 14 pts v Biggar Colts 30pts

Edinburgh Youth League Cup Final

Saturday 8th April 2017

No one is going to hand you success but with hard work, drive and passion it's possible to achieve your goals. For Biggar Under 18 Colts, many achieved their goal by finishing the season with a tremendous display against Boroughmuir to lift the Edinburgh Regional Cup Final at Meggatland in front of a large Biggar travelling support.


The level of support continually seen has had a big impact on the team which realise that “Alone they can do so little, together they can do so much.” Not just the support of the coaches but its the back up team, the parents and those who follow the team.


Yes the coaches bow out after they brought success to Biggar but its not the the end of the road for this special bunch of players, who have an opportunity to create new paths, discover new horizons, and enjoy the adventure.

With ideal conditions on the main pitch at Boroughmuir the game got off to a fast start with both teams aiming to get early dominance. Biggar did have chances but last passes out wide were not being taken and this was causing early alarm.

To settle the nerves Biggar knew they had to get the score board moving and with penalties being awarded in the kickers range , Euan Bogle kicked 2 penalties to allow Biggar some points.

Biggar were offering more in attack but Boroughmuir were covering well and they were excellent at turnover ball and many of the boys were being well targeted and stripped of the ball.

Biggar though were winning good ball from lineouts where Calum Dunlop and Lewis Stewart excelled against a large pack but it was clear to see Biggar were well organised in this area.

Against the run of play Boroughmuir intercepted when Biggar were attacking wide out allowing their winger to stride in for a converted try to take the lead.

Biggar knew that it was not going to be an easy half and they would have to take a lot of pressure on them as well before they neutralised it and then took the upper hand. What was predicted happened

Half Time : Boroughmuir 7pts to Biggar 6pts


Boroughmuir would have felt that they were getting the upper hand but they failed to realise that Biggar still had a level or two to go up when ball was moved out to the backs. The forwards were going to need to present clean ball for Luhann Kotze at scrum half as he was being put under some pressure.

It was answered and with deep lines Biggar started to take more dominance when quick second phase ball was put out wide where Rory McGinn passed out to ever present Charles Connoly to then put a somewhat forward pass to Andrew Jardine to show his strength to go over for a score.

Biggar got their planned structure into gear and this was shown with some hard hitting pods moving up the field and then a decisive flat pass allowed Lewis Stewart to come into at great speed to burst through and head for the line and then changing direction to flat foot his opponent he went over for a fine score which was converted by Euan Bogle.

The boys were dominating the game. With the midfield of Rory McGinn, Andrew Jardine and Rowan Stewart it was clear to see an d know that nothing was going to go through them but they would themselves when given any opportunity easily cut through Boroughmuir. And they did when Rory McGinn put a flat pass to Andrew Jardine who then put a delightful reverse pass to Aaron Dobie who broke through and then himself put a short flat pass to Rowan Stewart who at speed came in a lovely angle and direction to burst through and go over for a very impressive score which was well appreciated by both sets of supporters.

Boroughmuir were not going to stop and went back on the attack and with good driving at the lineout which allowed big runners the chance to hit up and then drive over for a converted score.

The boys didn't need any instruction that they needed to finish this game . Boroughmuir near their own line tried to chip and chase but this was taken by Biggar who set up clear ball to be moved out to Andrew Jardine who angled his run which left his opposite centres who both went for him and this allowed him to put a pass to Robbie Orr to go over for a score.

Biggar did go over for another try but it was correctly not allowed due to unsporting behaviour. It had been well set up after the player in question was given a lovely offload pass by Jordan Gray but it was not to be.


Full Time : Boroughmuir Colts 14pts to Biggar Colts 30pts


The team finished this match in total command against a well organised Boroughmuir.

The ultimate measure of a team is not where it stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where they stand at times of challenge. Again the Colts stood up to the mark and put in a great performance.

Yes there was lots of great performances by certain individuals but they don't make the team. You may have the greatest bunch of individuals stars but if they don't play together , the team wont be worth a penny. Biggar always work together. They just don't want to let their team mates down.

Squad was

Euan Bogle, Matthew Stewart, Rowan Stewart, Rory McGinn (Captain), Marcus Dobie, Robbie Orr, Luhann Kotze, Angus Kerr, Andrew Jardine, Neil Jones, Charles Connoly, Guy Kelly, Alex Dawe, Calum Dunlop, Aaron Dobie, Lewis Stewart, Craig Frame,Cameron Forrest, Daniel McConkey, Jordan Gray, Gavin Raftery, Alex Toal and Stuart Forrest .


Most of these boys will now move on to the next chapter in their lives which they must look forward to. They must take all opportunities thrown at them as they have the ability to succeed.

The coaches of Ian Barr, David Murray , Gavin Hill along with the back up team of Jock Gray and Lauren McDonald could not have had a better time than watching and helping these young adults develop and mature over the years. Angus, Rory , Andrew and Rowan have been playing rugby together for 11 years.

No supporter will argue that the colts have not made an impression on them. Everyone is so proud.

Yogi, Gav and Muz with 37 years coaching experience between them will now step down after doing their shift as Graham Watson takes over. He is going to have a great time and especially when its party time such as Saturday night which to most was unforgettable yet not many cannot remember much anyway.

On behalf of us all thanks for the memories.

Trophies just gather dust while memories last forever.




Colts Retain The Edinburgh Cup

Biggar Colts


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