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Colts falter at Boroughmuir

Another Tough Shift for Biggar Colts:

Boroughmuir 45 Biggar 12


Biggar Colts kicked off the second half of their Shogun Conference fixtures with a trip to Meggetland to face Boroughmuir Colts. The home fixture, played in mid-August brought back memories of summer with short sleeves, flowing rugby and Biggar winning 25-8. Unfortunately the weather on Saturday was nothing like mid-August. With the wind gusting from left to right, tactics were always going to be key - kick well with the wind and stick it up the jumper when playing against it.


‘Muir did this superbly. First half they absorbed lots of Biggar pressure waited on a mistake and sent the ball 60 yards down the pitch forcing Biggar to start again. Second half they kept the ball in their pack tied up defenders than hit on the break with their pacey backs. This was to prove a winning combination.


Biggar tried to play a passing game throughout and sometimes the weather just isn’t right for that. Long looping miss passes seemed to be the order of the day with the result more often than not a knock-on, lost ball or forward pass being called. Having conceded an early try Biggar got themselves well into the ‘Muir 22. A penalty was taken popped to Josh JVR who was stopped just short. It looked primed for a rumble from the forwards but instead a 30 yard pass was the option taken. Result – lineout ‘Muir who kicked well clear.


Having conceded again, Biggar got back in the game. This time a penalty in the ‘Muir 22 was kept in the forwards and once space was created Matthew dived over for the score. Ali kicked the conversion well in a very strong wind.


14 - 7 at the half would, have been a good 35 minutes work but ‘Muir went over with the last play of the half so 21-7 it was.


Into the second half playing with the wind can sometimes be just as tricky. Biggar kicked well and had ‘Muir camped inside their own 22 almost permanently but a loose pass or knock on would result in ‘Muir snaffling the ball and hitting on the break. They scored 4 almost carbon copy try’s in the second half with only a Robbie score showing for Biggar following excellent work from the pack.


Full Time – ‘Muir 45 – Biggar 12


Biggar need to learn from these games as although ‘Muir were a good side, they were beatable. They were simply far more clinical in taking their chances than Biggar scoring almost every time they got a chance. Biggar scored 2 try’s but had 4 or 5 other really good chances that were not taken. Decision making is key in these situations and in a lot of cases this was where Biggar fell down.


To be fair to Biggar they kept going manfully and were unlucky not to keep the game much tighter but decision making let them down. It does sometimes look like players are looking for the right man to pass to rather than the right pass. Too often a long pass was picked as the option when a short pass would have kept the ball with Biggar rather than being turned over.


Colts falter at Boroughmuir

Biggar Colts lose to Boroughmuir


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