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Youth U14’s v Dunfermline

Biggar U14 v Dunfermline 22-14 defeat


(Many thanks to Gavin Hill for this report)


Just 4 weeks ago Dunfermline gave Biggar a very stern test winning comfortably using their size and skill levels.


On Sunday Dunfermline left Hartreemill knowing that they had been in a game right up to the final whistle winning by 22 points to 14points. Dunfermline coaches felt Biggar had noticeably improved since they last met.


Yes, Dunfermline again showed why they have few games over the season but they were matched by a team with determination.


As one Biggar boy said 'I'm not that big, physically. I'm just big where it counts - I got a big heart!'


That sums up this team and they will go far together.


Throughout the game a couple of the Dunfermline boys caused issues. Biggar don’t have individuals they have a team that will do so much together.


Biggar did have their share of the ball but they were letting themselves down in the rucking as Dunfermline constantly counter rucked to turn over ball. Also lack of communication at the restart lead to ball being given to Dunfermline too easy.


With Morris McDiarmid showing great maturity, the ball was being well used in the backs and this allowed Ben MacBride to show tremendous pace throughout the game. Gregor Forrest was causing their midfield issues and was being well supported by Alexander Walpole.


Too often in recent weeks Tom Roper and Rory Hill have had to carry a high percentage of the work in the forwards but Callum McLemon, Christopher Barrett and Ciaran Bell really made a difference on Sunday and this allowed the pack to often take control up front. Christopher and Ciaran really were impressive to watch. The forwards are now showing their potential. If they could all match the determination and improvement of Kyle Frame then we can only go one way- onwards and upwards.


The game was open throughout and another 5 minutes played and the game would have been in the balance as the boys were well on top and the Biggar backs were playing excellent rugby which Dunfermline were unable to handle as Morris McDiarmid caused issues with his continual switching of play.


What a great game. Well done to all.


The hard work of head coach Doug Roper is coming through and he has strong back up with Mark Yates, Jordan Gary and Gavin Hill. The learning of technical skills is coming through on the pitch now.



Callum McLemon - 1 try

Ben MacBride - 1 try

Morris McDiarmid- 1 try

Gregor Forrest – 1 try

Finlay Crozier converted 2 from 4.


Youth U14’s v Dunfermline

Another imporved performance from the youngsters


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