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U14’s find going tough in last 2 matches

Biggar 3 points v Perthshire 43 points

Wanted – “Under 14 boys who are over 6 feet tall”.

There must be something in the water in the Biggar area but our boys don’t seem to grow till they are about 16 years old unlike other teams who can field tall boys who look like menat under 14 age group.


Each week our boys go out onto the field and have to look up to their opposition.


So, what do we have?


Bunch of boys who often have to go through the hard school of knocks but their hearts allow them to just keep going at any team.


Many previous Biggar under 14 boy’s teams have been no different. Then as they grow older they catch up becoming taller and stronger and along with these strong hearts and determination become a match for any team in the land. Just look at some of the Under 18 and 16 teams over the last 6 to 7 years. I should know. They just get better and better.


Nobody should worry – it will come and often it’s the hard days that they have learned that will see them through. Everyone has a challenge at some point and they learn from it.


Although Biggar were well beaten on Sunday by a superior team in all senses they will just move on. In fact, the more they get knocked down the more they just keep getting back up. Hard to beat anyone who never gives up.


Biggar did not field their full squad again, forcing Doug Roper to put some into unfamiliar positions in important areas.


Perthshire continually attacked throughout this game, forcing Biggar to have a day of defence. But if some will not put in the tackles then it makes it even harder for the others to do extra on a day like Sunday.


Biggar did score late on with Thomas Young taking quick penalty to Rory Hill who then put the pass to Lewis Stewart to go over. Lewis often has a football game on a Sunday but makes sure he puts in all effort to get back for the rugby. Good on him and shows the spirit with these boys.



Lewis Robertson- 1 try



Biggar 11 points v Waysiders 19 points


Biggar knew that they let this game slip away from them as they went 2 scores up early in the game and looked comfortable , not allowing Waysiders to get into the contest.


However, Waysiders did manage to respond as Biggar failed to take control and in fact eased off the pedal thinking this would not be a hard contest. How wrong they were !!.


Once Waysiders scored again Biggar failed to positively respond and some started to drop heads which impacted on the whole squad.


Too often simple errors caused problems such as constant infringements or offside at the ruck. As a team all the players need to take their share of the tackling.


Discipline slipped on Sunday and lessons must be learned. The boys also must take in what is coached to them.


“Alone we can do so little – together we can do so much”.


On the positives there were many players who just got on with it such as Christopher Barrett who was playing out of position but was constantly causing Waysiders issues with his strong running.


Callum McLemon again was strong in his running but direction of travel is often an issue.


The boys did stick to their tasks and the game was close right down to the end but a knock on allowed Waysiders to kick ahead and they were 1st to the ball over the line. This really was a hammer blow to the boys.


The boys keep going but it is hard to keep continuity in the team on the park as Coach Doug Roper has rarely been able to field a full strength team this season as each week there are call offs or non availability. Really need everyone always.


The boys can do it when they stick to their tasks.



Callum McLemon - 1 try

Christopher Barrett – 1 try

Ciaran Bell – 1 try

Finlay Crozier converted 2 from 3.


U14’s find going tough in last 2 matches

A tough test for Biggar's youngest youth squad


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