Hartreemill, Biggar, ML12 6JJ

Colts Retain The Edinburgh Cup

Boroughmuir Colts 14 pts v Biggar Colts 30pts

Edinburgh Youth League Cup Final

Saturday 8th April 2017

No one is going to hand you success but with hard work, drive and passion it's possible to achieve your goals. For Biggar Under 18 Colts, many achieved their goal by finishing the season with a tremendous display against Boroughmuir to lift the Edinburgh Regional Cup Final at Meggatland in front of a large Biggar travelling support.


The level of support continually seen has had a big impact on the team which realise that “Alone they can do so little, together they can do so much.” Not just the support of the coaches but its the back up team, the parents and those who follow the team.


Yes the coaches bow out after they brought success to Biggar but its not the the end of the road for this special bunch of players, who have an opportunity to create new paths, discover new horizons, and enjoy the adventure.

With ideal conditions on the main pitch at Boroughmuir the game got off to a fast start with both teams aiming to get early dominance. Biggar did have chances but last passes out wide were not being taken and this was causing early alarm.

To settle the nerves Biggar knew they had to get the score board moving and with penalties being awarded in the kickers range , Euan Bogle kicked 2 penalties to allow Biggar some points.

Biggar were offering more in attack but Boroughmuir were covering well and they were excellent at turnover ball and many of the boys were being well targeted and stripped of the ball.

Biggar though were winning good ball from lineouts where Calum Dunlop and Lewis Stewart excelled against a large pack but it was clear to see Biggar were well organised in this area.

Against the run of play Boroughmuir intercepted when Biggar were attacking wide out allowing their winger to stride in for a converted try to take the lead.

Biggar knew that it was not going to be an easy half and they would have to take a lot of pressure on them as well before they neutralised it and then took the upper hand. What was predicted happened

Half Time : Boroughmuir 7pts to Biggar 6pts


Boroughmuir would have felt that they were getting the upper hand but they failed to realise that Biggar still had a level or two to go up when ball was moved out to the backs. The forwards were going to need to present clean ball for Luhann Kotze at scrum half as he was being put under some pressure.

It was answered and with deep lines Biggar started to take more dominance when quick second phase ball was put out wide where Rory McGinn passed out to ever present Charles Connoly to then put a somewhat forward pass to Andrew Jardine to show his strength to go over for a score.

Biggar got their planned structure into gear and this was shown with some hard hitting pods moving up the field and then a decisive flat pass allowed Lewis Stewart to come into at great speed to burst through and head for the line and then changing direction to flat foot his opponent he went over for a fine score which was converted by Euan Bogle.

The boys were dominating the game. With the midfield of Rory McGinn, Andrew Jardine and Rowan Stewart it was clear to see an d know that nothing was going to go through them but they would themselves when given any opportunity easily cut through Boroughmuir. And they did when Rory McGinn put a flat pass to Andrew Jardine who then put a delightful reverse pass to Aaron Dobie who broke through and then himself put a short flat pass to Rowan Stewart who at speed came in a lovely angle and direction to burst through and go over for a very impressive score which was well appreciated by both sets of supporters.

Boroughmuir were not going to stop and went back on the attack and with good driving at the lineout which allowed big runners the chance to hit up and then drive over for a converted score.

The boys didn't need any instruction that they needed to finish this game . Boroughmuir near their own line tried to chip and chase but this was taken by Biggar who set up clear ball to be moved out to Andrew Jardine who angled his run which left his opposite centres who both went for him and this allowed him to put a pass to Robbie Orr to go over for a score.

Biggar did go over for another try but it was correctly not allowed due to unsporting behaviour. It had been well set up after the player in question was given a lovely offload pass by Jordan Gray but it was not to be.


Full Time : Boroughmuir Colts 14pts to Biggar Colts 30pts


The team finished this match in total command against a well organised Boroughmuir.

The ultimate measure of a team is not where it stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where they stand at times of challenge. Again the Colts stood up to the mark and put in a great performance.

Yes there was lots of great performances by certain individuals but they don't make the team. You may have the greatest bunch of individuals stars but if they don't play together , the team wont be worth a penny. Biggar always work together. They just don't want to let their team mates down.

Squad was

Euan Bogle, Matthew Stewart, Rowan Stewart, Rory McGinn (Captain), Marcus Dobie, Robbie Orr, Luhann Kotze, Angus Kerr, Andrew Jardine, Neil Jones, Charles Connoly, Guy Kelly, Alex Dawe, Calum Dunlop, Aaron Dobie, Lewis Stewart, Craig Frame,Cameron Forrest, Daniel McConkey, Jordan Gray, Gavin Raftery, Alex Toal and Stuart Forrest .


Most of these boys will now move on to the next chapter in their lives which they must look forward to. They must take all opportunities thrown at them as they have the ability to succeed.

The coaches of Ian Barr, David Murray , Gavin Hill along with the back up team of Jock Gray and Lauren McDonald could not have had a better time than watching and helping these young adults develop and mature over the years. Angus, Rory , Andrew and Rowan have been playing rugby together for 11 years.

No supporter will argue that the colts have not made an impression on them. Everyone is so proud.

Yogi, Gav and Muz with 37 years coaching experience between them will now step down after doing their shift as Graham Watson takes over. He is going to have a great time and especially when its party time such as Saturday night which to most was unforgettable yet not many cannot remember much anyway.

On behalf of us all thanks for the memories.

Trophies just gather dust while memories last forever.



Colts Dispose of Marr by the Seaside

Marr College 14 pts v Biggar Colts 64


Saturday 25th March 2017


Biggar Colts travelled on a glorious day to Troon to take on Marr College, beating them 64 points to 14 points on the schools new 3G pitch which allowed the boys to demonstrate their excellent ball handling and running skills.


Each player did their part and this is a feature of the Colts in that there are no stars, just a groups of boys wanting to play for each other and not let their team mates down. They just want to do their job as well as possible.


Biggar from the start were always faster and quicker with ball in hand and early on the ball went along the backs for Alex Toal to take the last pass and run to the line for the 1st score.


However Marr were determined to give Biggar a stern test and at times they did with their forwards showing some good driving work. Their 1st try was a result of this and they powered over and went in the lead with a conversion.


Biggar realised it was not a day out at the seaside and decided to lift the game. A penalty was awarded and Lewis Stewart caught Marr off guard with a quick tap and go, finding a gap to go over for an excellent try which was converted by Euan Bogle.


With the forwards winning good ball, often then making great breaks especially lead by Jordan Gray and Lewis Stewart , the backs were then able to attack continually and at speed which was a feature of the game. Angus Kerr at scrum half was putting quick ball out and it was put to a position where Rory McGinn was able to attack at speed and so continually offering opportunities for the backs to break the gain line. This was well shown when Rory took the it at pace, made a break and timed a pass to Rowan Stewart who went over for a score converted by Robbie Orr .


Last try before half time was left to Matthew Stewart who showed some strong running to go over for an unconverted try.

Half Time : Marr 7pts to Biggar 24pts.


With scrums and lineouts working well, Biggar knew they just needed to stick to their game plan and structure.

Again good ball was moved quickly along the backs with Marcus Dobie coming into the line at speed and making the last pass to his brother Aaron to go over in the corner. Robbie Orr put an excellent conversion over from wide out.

Marr were certainly now on the back foot and Angus Kerr who was thriving at scrum half broke and then put a nice pass out to Rory McGinn to go over for a score converted by Rowan Stewart.


Many would have expected the game to lose its fast pace and structure with Biggar making continual changes but at no time did it look like this. Some of the Under 16 squad came on the park and merged in well with the older boys.

Finlay Barr went scrum half and the ball continued to be put out well and this allowed Aaron Dobie went over for another score converted by Rowan Stewart.


However Biggar lost a bit of focus and structure in their own line and loose ball presented Marr with a score.


With them been giving a wake up call they got back into gear and went on the attack and it was Angus Kerr who found a gap from 10 yards out to go over for a well deserved try which was converted by Euan Bogle.


With the forwards laying the foundations and ball going out the backs well Matthew Stewart who had a strong performance scored and then Aaron Dobie for his third try which was converted by Euan Bogle.

Marr never gave up and a did test Biggar in certain areas especially up front.

Biggar were too strong for them and showed high skill levels which can only build their confidence as the Edinburgh Final gets closer.

There will be a large squad to choose from and every player on Saturday put his case forward. What is great to see is the ability of the players especially the backs to fit in any position when required and do it with confidence.

Full Time : Marr 14 pts v Biggar Colts 64pts.


Edinburgh Regional Final

8th April

Away to Boroughmuir

Kick Off 2pm




Biggar Colts Dominate Against Livingston In Cup Semi Final

The Colts put in a very impressive display on Saturday to now progress to the Edinburgh Final on April 8th after defeating Livingston in the semi final by 52 points to 0 points scoring 8 tries and 6 conversions unanswered at Hartreemill.


The final is the goal of the coaches and boys after a great season. Yes they lost out in the National Cup to Stirling in an epic encounter but ;

“What's done is done. What's gone is gone. One of life's lessons is always moving on. It’s okay to look back to see how far you’ve come but keep moving forward.”


The boys certainly did on Saturday and from the start put in a very clinical display against a stern Livingston.

However Livingston could not cope with the structure and quick play that Biggar took to them from the start.


With the forwards laying the foundations the ball was quickly put out to the backs and with set pieces working the ball went wide out to Marcus Dobie to go over. This was then followed up with the same play but to the opposite side where Euan Bogle took the final pass to score.


There was times though when errors were unnecessarily coming into Biggar game often due to offloading at the wrong times and not rucking strongly enough which caused Livingston to often counter ruck,

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Biggar quickly learned form their errors and sorted it to then build good play again to allow Matthew Stewart to power over for a converted try by Euan Bogle.

Biggar half backs of Luhann Kotze and Robbie Orr were in total control and it was Robbie who took the next score from starting the move and was then on hand to receive the final pass to go over for another converted try by Euan.

Rory McGinn was causing problems in the middle of the park for Livingston where they struggled to deals with his quick hands and breaks.

Euan Bogle was well assured at full back and this gives a confidence for the whole team in knowing that the defence is solid throughout the park when teams attack both with ball in hand and kicking for space.

Lewis Stewart barged over for the next and this was deserved score form a player who was immense all round the pitch on the day in defence , attack and the way he lead the forwards. Euan converted

Half Time : Biggar 31pts to Livingston 0pts.


Biggar wanted to put this match beyond reach of Livingston early on but they failed to do so and their opponents came out with tremendous momentum and Biggar for some 10 minutes were mainly in defence. However after they put the fire out it was not long before ever present Lewis Stewart was on hand to go over for his 2nd try converted by Euan.

Both Calum Dunlop and Charles Connolly were also causing problems for Livingston with good running with ball in hand.

Biggar then rung the changes putting on the rest of the squad with many of them coming from the under 16's. With those changes it was great to see at times little if any reduction in structure as all the boys train well together and are well aware of the plays and moves.


With quick ball put out along the line , Aaron Dobie took the ball in his own half and managed to evade the tacklers to go over for a try converted again by Euan Bogle.


The last try of the day was definitely a just reward for an outstanding player in Luhann Kotze who was excellent throughout the day and Livingston just could not cope with him throughout the match due to his quick awareness and strong running at speed. Conversion was put over by Robbie Orr.


Full Time : Biggar Colts 52pts v Livingston Colts 0pts.


Yes areas could be improved on but the coaches were satisfied from this performance and will be working on any areas that still need improved.


A great squad effort and these boys continue to work so well week in week out knowing they have to work to improve.


The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if your willing to work.


The Edinburgh Cup Final is not scheduled until 8th April 2017. Details to follow






Biggar Colts Lose Out in Tight Game to Merchiston School

Biggar Colts 3pts v Merchiston School 14pts.


Saturday 28th January 2017


Biggar Colts know they are unquestionably one of the top Youth teams in Scotland.

But where are they in relation to the top School sides ?.

The question was going to be answered on Saturday when one of the best school teams, Merchiston Castle arrived at Hartree where on a cold day the rugby again was of the highest calibre. Coached by ex Biggar 1st team coach Roddy Deans this team were going to be well drilled and organised throughout the pitch.


Biggar knew they again had to test where their limits were and again found out on Saturday that they really are up with the best.

Yes it was a defeat by 14 points to 3 points but it was one of the hardest games Merchiston had encountered throughout their season.


Merchiston who each Saturday can field three Under 18 teams and train each day were runners up in the top schools league and with a number of Scottish Under 18 players it was going to another stern test for Biggar.


Biggar may have encountered defeat, but they were not defeated. In fact, they came off the field knowing that they had proved themselves and were gaining incredible respect throughout Scotland.


Merchiston took the game to Biggar trying to create their strucutre that has allowed them to win so many games this season. From a lineout they drove and went over early on which was converted.

But Biggar were not going to let them settle and got into their usual belief that no matter what was thrown at them they have a determaintion and inner strength that they would not be defeated.


Merchiston were trying to break out but Biggar tackling was as usual ,solid and Merchiston were just not going to get through. Biggar then went on the attack and Aaron Dobie took an interception but was brought down just short.

With the Biggar forwards working tirelessly to contain the larger more athletic Merchiston pack, they were able to provide ball out to the backs and Robbie Orr who was outstanding, continually making breaks through the opposition defence.


Robbie was a constant thorn to Merchiston and they were struggling to contain him for a period of time and his offloading was allowing Biggar to gain territory. When the ball was moved out wide the backs set pieces were put into play and again ground was being made.


The most competitive area was with the scrum halves with both Luhann Kotze for Biggar and Robert Greenshields for Merchiston continually putting each other to the test. Both were playing excellent rugby.


Up to half time both teams cancelled each other out but there was some excellent rugby on display. Defence was dominant in both teams games and so it was not easy for any attack to gain much ground .

The Biggar forwards never at any time were for giving any ground and were solid at set piece.


Half Time : Biggar 0pts to Merchiston 7pts.


Biggar knew they had to continue causing frustration to their opponents as they had to gain deny them getting in any form of rhythm.

And they did and the whole 2nd half became a see saw battle with Merchiston only getting their 2nd try late on by hitting up through their forward and finally bullying over. Biggar did put points on the board with Euan Bogle kicking a penalty.


Final Score :Biggar 3 points v Merchiston 14points.

Final whistle was blown 2 minutes early due to injury to Rowan Stewart who is recovering well.

These boys have learned and delivered so much this season.

There hearts just don't allow them to lie down.

As once said “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”

The Colts have for some years made the club so proud.

As head Coach Barr said “Biggar Colts are now dining at the top table”


Next up should be the Edinburgh Cup starting 11th February. Details to follow













Biggar Colts Lose Out In Close Quarter Final

Biggar Colts 3pts v Stirling Colts 13pts.
Scottish Youth Cup Quarter Finals
Saturday 21st January 2017

At Hartreemill on Saturday two of Scotland's top Under 18 teams came together in the top billing quarter final of the Scottish Youth Cup.
In front of over 300 spectators the occasion lived up to expectation with the game going right down to the last minutes with Stirling coming out on top by 13 pts to 3pts.

With six current Under 18 Scottish Squad players (3 from each) on the pitch this was always going to be a game of the highest caliber and it did not disappoint. Many of the players will hopefully in the future go on to be highly successful rugby players.      

Success is not measured by what you accomplish but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained in the struggle against overwhelming odds. With a squad of over 44 players Stirling are the current Scottish Youth Cup Holders and won the Presidents Conference undefeated again this season . They amassed against the other top rated sides some 426 points while only conceding 32 points over 10 games. Their closest game was 27pts to 8 pts against Highland.
Yet Biggar who won their Green Conference have just 24 local players and matched them throughout the game on Saturday.

Early on Biggar were under intense pressure and had to deploy their biggest asset in their defensive tackling. Although Stirling had the upper hand in physicality and size they found the aggressive tackling by Biggar to be solid and were finding it hard to break through. Where Biggar had their strength. lay in their heart and determination.

Stirling were not gaining required moving up the middle and so took the ball wide where they took ground due to their ability to spread their team out and create overlaps which they did down the blind and it was their Captain , James Gibson who went over for the 1st try.

Stirling were starting to dominate and no more so that in set pieces which were causing difficulties for Biggar which in turn limited the opportunities that the home team had. Luhann Kotze at scrum half was not being allowed any time to create any forward movement.

Stirling then again moved quick ball out to their left wing Tommy Johnson who took advantage of the Biggar defense not man marking and sped down the wing to kick ahead and chase to ground the ball over the line before the Biggar cover.

The Biggar backs knew that if they could get chances then there was opportunity and this they did with Rowan Stewart breaking through but unfortunately support was not there for him to put points on the board.

The attack was working in the backs but more often it was their defence that was having to be deployed. Robbie Orr, Rory McGinn , Euan Bogle and Rowan Stewart were outstanding in containing the highly rated Stirling three quarters from being able to operate.

In the forwards Aaron Dobie was doing the job he was tasked to do and that was disrupt and tackle heavily. Not the biggest player on the pitch but maybe the one with the biggest heart. Craig Frame was working tirelessly beside him but nothing should be taken away form the rest of the forwards who were all putting 100% work rate in. 

Biggar were now more involved in the Stirling half than previous and with half time approaching were awarded a penalty from which Euan Bogle converted.

Half Time : Biggar 3 pts to Stirling 10pts. 

Biggar knew that Stirling would not feel comfortable with this score and so they would come back out strong. 
Positional changes were made and from the restart the game was taken to Stirling.
Biggar were getting more ball and set piece stabilised which allowed opportunities. The introduction of Andrew Nimmo was along with other positional changes making a definite impact.

Biggar got the ball out wide and Henry Adams went round his winger and traveled at pace towards the corner but was stopped just before the line.

Stirling were now in a game and for the next period of the game no ground was going to be given by either side. Biggar did half a period where they were inside the Stirling 22 but although penalties were being given any attempts towards the line were being well thwarted by Stirling.

The game then became very tense and it is often questioned why a this level there is not neutral touch judges present as off the ball incidents were not being punished which can aggravate situations more.

Stirling continued to try and break through and when in the Biggar half they were awarded a penalty from which Kieran Gammie kicked to give them a crucial advantage.

As always Biggar did not give up and right down to the wire they competed.
Unfortunately Biggar just could not find a way through and to relief of Stirling the final whistle was blown.

 Final Score :Biggar 3 points v Stirling 13points.
Although defeated , what a performance these boys had put in. There was pride that they had run the favourites closer than any other team Stirling had played this season.

You may encounter defeat , but you must not be defeated.
Biggar Colts have risen to a position where they are not seen as just a good team but now one of the best throughout Scotland.

Every player in the squad of 22 played a major role and each was outstanding .

 Biggar Squad : Euan Bogle, Marcus Dobie, Rowan Stewart , Rory McGinn(captain), Angus Kerr, Robbie Orr, Luhann Kotze, Neil Jones, Jordan Gray, Guy Kelly, Gavin Raftery, Calum Dunlop, Aaron Dobie, Lewis Stewart , Craig Frame, Alex Dawe, Daniel McConkey, Charles Connolly, Henry Adams, Keir Hamilton, Andrew Nimmo, Alasdair Steele.
Yogi , Gavin and Muz along with the back room team of Lauren and Jock could not have been more proud of this special bunch of boys.
This ending is not the end and as one door closes for the Colts another will open and hopefully there will now be an Edinburgh Cup which Biggar won last year after defeating Currie .
Its just another step in their path.
Soon many will move in a new way as they move up to senior rugby. They are simply going to leave their past where it belongs and and enjoy the new challenges that still in front of them. This group of boys which will certainly make a difference for the seniors.    

Biggar Colts Draw with Ayr in absorbing encounter

Biggar Colts 5pts v Ayr Colts 5pts .

Friendly - Saturday 24th September 2016

It’s days like this that make all the hard work worthwhile.

But we didn’t win, I hear you say!

That’s a mere detail because if you didn’t manage to watch the Colts on Saturday you missed a cracker and to be honest it was a moral victory for the home side in what was a fine spectacle of structured rugby from two determined sides.

Over the last few years Biggar and Ayr have played against each other twice in Scottish Cup Quarter Finals and once in the semi final with Ayr winning in all occasions but only narrowly. Ayr were unbeaten in their Presidents league and knew that coming down to Biggar would prove to be a stern test as both are rated among st the best in Scottish Youth Rugby.

Why not stick to the game-plan, trust in your ability and take everything you’ve got to your opponents. Sounds like a plan.

This was a test of both mental and physical fitness with plenty of industry shown throughout by both teams. Most of the first half was spent in the middle of the field but you could argue that Ayr looked slightly more assured in their approach and they were very quick to the breakdown. This caught Biggar out on a couple of occasions early on but they managed to recover well.

Neither side was holding back and one would imagine that bodies will be a bit sore this week.

It took 15 minutes of back and forth rugby and bruising tackles before there was a clear-cut chance for anyone to get off the mark. Biggar were caught holding on and forced a penalty for Ayr. They failed to nail down three points after going for the posts. Back to square one.

Split decisions seemed to go Ayr’s way but there was no doubting their dominance in the scrum. It was a test of Biggar resolve and required maximum effort.

For the remainder of the first half it was a case of a pink and black unstoppable force meeting a Red and Black immovable object…and it was breathless stuff.

Half-time, Nil – Nil.

With Biggar having two late call-off’s in Kelly (Hamstring) and Dunlop (Sick), it was Neil Jones who stepped up to the plate and showed real maturity. He commanded his position well, much to the frustration of his opposite number at prop.

Biggar advanced and looked dangerous but, against the run of play, it was Ayr who made the breakthrough. Fifty minutes, yes fifty minutes with no score, had passed at this point when Ayr stole the line-out on their own 5m line, kicked behind the Biggar defence and chased. Biggar now ended up in their own 5m having to defend strong momentum. The home side were awarded a scrum for an Ayr knock-on but failed to clear their lines. The clearing kick was charged down in the in-goal area with the Ayr flanker touching down to break Biggar hearts….or so you think.

“Whatever life gives you, even if it hurts, just be strong and act like it’s okay. Remember, strong walls shake but never collapse”

Biggar showed their teeth and bit back. What followed was superb, consistent phase of play that shook the President’s Conference side. The Hartreemill outfit pulled out all the stops.

Some of their back-line play, marshalled by the outstanding scrum-half Luhann Kotze was sparkling and the forwards were composed. After a patient series of phases inside Ayr’s 5m line, and an immense display of strength from the pack, the ball broke out to Jordan Gray on the blind side who timed his pass perfectly to Lewis Stewart and the back row forward made no mistake in the corner to bring the scores level. The gusty wind made things very difficult for kicking and Euan Bogle narrowly missed the conversion from a tight angle.

It made for a truly gripping finish. The game was on a knife edge and continued to ebb and flow up and down the pitch. Matthew Stewart almost spoiled the visitors’ weekend when he drove for the line with two minutes to go. He was pushed into touch just before the line.

Marcus and Aaron Dobie on each wing made good runs and vital covering tackles in equal amount which is reassuring against quality sides.

Nothing passed Gavin Raftery all day and Keir Hamilton showed his mobile side and great determination to cement a great all-round performance. A word too for those players coming off the bench. They knew the difficult task ahead of them and blended well to consolidate a wonderful team effort.

A dogged defence and complete faith in their ability contributed to a fantastic display of Rugby by Biggar. On reflection, and if memory serves well, Biggar never missed a tackle.

Don’t look for a man of the match for this one folks…..they ALL nailed it!

“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn”

Tries: Lewis Stewart

Biggar will not rest on this and still have much work to do. Ayr like Biggar were short of one or two of their top players who play mainly for their seniors and only usually return to the Colts when the cup competition starts in the New Year.

What was more pleasing for the Colts Coaches of Ian Barr, David Murray and Gavin Hill was being able to see senior Biggar 1st XV field on Saturday 15 players out of 19 who have played for the Colts at some point. Actually 16 if you include Angus Thomson who was playing for West. There was also a number of ex colts playing away for the 2nds against Haddington.

Next week is back to league games with a Home tie against Hamilton – 1pm kick off

Biggar Colts Win Tough Encounter at Falkirk

Falkirk Colts 21pts v Biggar Colts 43pts.

Green Conference – Saturday 17th September 2016

A win’s a win ….right?

Well it would be amiss to suggest that Biggar were anything other than the dominant rugby playing side but as they blew hot and cold it was clear that the team keeps improving but still remain as ‘work-in-progress’ but then it’s still early in the season.

Plenty still for the coaching staff with a clear line of sight on how to develop an eager squad of young men.

Falkirk was a tough nut to crack. Biggar may have gained the early advantage but failed to capitalise. As Falkirk cleared their lines the visiting back line fumbled, which is uncharacteristic, and the home side pounced on the loose ball in the centre of the park. They shipped it wide and scored a converted try with relative ease.

Biggar looked nervous but continued to advance after the restart.

Their momentum was good and they forced a penalty and chose to go for the posts rather than run the ball. Perhaps they felt they just needed to get on the score sheet to steady the ship. Euan Bogle struck well for three points.

Falkirk responded immediately with a physical onslaught with Biggar simply weathering the storm for a bit. The ball did pop favorably out of the back of the ruck into Biggar hands in 19 mins. Rowan Stewart slightly mis-timed a pass out wide onto the advancing Falkirk wing who failed to secure the interception only to find the rebound drop straight back into the Biggar mans hands. With a second bite at the cherry the inside centre took his opportunity to sprint 50 yards then off-load to the supporting Euan Bogle who scored between the posts. The conversion attempt just missing the target.

A number of the Falkirk squad regularly play senior rugby and with their 2ndXV match called off this was a very physical side that proved challenging to break down.

Biggar struck 2 minutes later with a good run of phased play allowing Andrew Nimmo to show his blistering pace over 2 yards and crash over for the visitor’s second try. Bogle converted this time round.

Biggar Colts definitely looked the better side but, on this particular outing, when they got hold of field position some basic skills let them down.

There were flashes of excellence amongst some mediocrity and none more so than the third try.

Good moves off the set play scrum saw both forwards and backs combine well. A resulting infringement led to a penalty and the quick tap found Rory McGinn, who played what was in front of him all day, and chipped neatly through the rush defence to allow Rowan Stewart to follow up and nab the score.


22-7 up at half-time looked comfortable on paper but Biggar would still have some work to do.

They cranked up the aggression at the breakdown with forwards working harder to support the ball carrier. Set piece was fairly clinical and the ball off the top of the line-out effectively led to a Kotze try in the 42nd minute.

A trademark slick backs move followed, that has proved fruitful to date, and this one was no different. The ball moved swiftly along the line to the wing with Aaron Dobie putting in the lion’s share of the work and ample support from the following scrum-half saw him pick up at the breakdown and sneak through for a well deserved try. Bogle converted well from a tight angle.

Biggar front row applied some hefty charges and made their mark allowing Aaron Dobie to get one of his own in 55 mins from an almost identical move as the previous. This is easy to watch when it clicks. Euan Bogle yet again wowed the support with another sweet strike between the uprights.

It seems odd to say at this point but Biggar struggled to get any flow and were turned over just when they appeared to have stretched the hosts to breaking point. That ‘Off’ switch showing it’s face again leading to Biggar operating in scramble mode for the next ten minutes. Falkirk’s attacking play yielded two tries in quick succession.

As frustrating as that was the last play lifted spirits after Biggar managed to clear their lines.

The full-back’s exit kick dropped behind the Falkirk defence and the backs chased the ball down and after some footballing skills from Matthew Stewart he won the foot race to touch down.

The back division remains assured with Luhann Kotze looking sharp and energetic while in forwards all of them put in a very controlled display especially from Guy Kelly, Jordan Gray, Andrew Nimmo and Stuart Forrest who all put in a great controlled shift in attack and defence given the physical nature of this game..

Plenty positive aspects to carry forward into the friendly against Ayr

Tries: Euan Bogle, Andrew Nimmo, Rowan Stewart, Luhann Kotze, Aaron Dobie, Matthew Stewart

Conv: Euan Bogle (5)

Pen: Euan Bogle

Saturday 24th the Colts will play Ayr in a friendly at Home.

12pm Kick off

Biggar Colts overcome GHA

Biggar Colts 29pts v GHA Colts 0pts .


Green Conference – Saturday 10th September 2016

This eagerly anticipated clash displayed some of the flair seen at previous outings this season. Not everything Biggar attempted came off but that shouldn’t detract from the endeavour shown by a clearly fitter side, and a clean sheet to boot.

Adorned in their brand new red shirts (some fitting closer than others) and cutting quite a dash in the sunshine, early signs looked good with the home side asserting pressure on their sizeable opponents. Biggar looked significantly sharper than 14-man GHA and they took the game by the scruff of the neck.

Rowan Stewart’s return from concussion was a happy one when he found a gap in the GHA defence. The centre collected well and burst through at pace to go under the posts on 5 mins. Euan Bogle converted.

Biggar continued to dominate both possession and territory with the visitors having to clear their lines regularly.

The home side also managed to turn defence into attack when needed. Opposition line-out’s were dominated throughout and Callum Dunlop, who stole no less than 4 in a row, displayed great flexibility in the air. Equally, Gavin Raftery secured the attacking line-out and commanded his position well.


GHA’s penalty count increased and numbers depleted further as they saw yellow for a deliberate knock-on. Numerical superiority would tell as Biggar forced another try through Jordan Gray following a well executed line-out drive. The big forward consolidating the good work shown from the week previous.

GHA attempted the push but were forced back by a resolute Biggar defence although Andrew Nimmo was ordered to take a 10 minute rest following a bit of over enthusiasm and unsafe tackle.

The game began to slow somewhat prior to the break and Biggar’s lead of 12 points seemed slender but not necessarily in danger of being overtaken by the visitors.


The second half started smartly and Kelly and Gray yet again punched their way through the GHA pack straight from the restart, who were no doubt taken by surprise at the swift and clinical execution of Biggar’s third try. The ball was secured and shipped out wide for the backs to show their skills which they carried out with the last pass going to Marcus Dobie who collected at pace to outrun his opposite number. The winger had a bit of work to do from 40 yards but he took it well.


Biggar never let up but could have been accused of ‘over-egging’ the pudding a little as the odd individual effort came at the cost of a clear team move. There was an element of frustration felt on the sidelines.

However, the home side regrouped and inflicted some damage, tactically and physically, with powerful carrying.


With the home side's scrum dominant and Euan Bogle’s touch-finders inch-perfect, another try in the 44th minute swung matters even more decisively. Stuart Forrest boosted the tally with a scything run through the tiring GHA defence after collecting from a Kelly off-load.

But another 10 minutes of mixed fortunes and GHA warning shots across Biggar’s bow stalled progress. The pattern of play at that point consisted of over excitement, unfinished moves and limited penetration.


However, after a period of GHA pressure Biggar fought back and pressed up the field to the opposition 22m line and following a sustained phase of structured attack Luhann Kotze cut through the defensive line to score under the posts.


Uncontested scrums and pauses for injuries stilted the match for the next 20 mins, and where Biggar looked the more dominant team, neither side really looked like scoring any more tries.

Jordan Gray and Guy Kelly got through an awful amount of work while both Rory McGinn and Robbie Orr had another polished afternoon at outside centre and stand-off respectively.


The coaches think this team has a lot more to give so there’s much to work on


Tries: Rowan Stewart, Jordan Gray, Marcus Dobie, Stuart Forrest, Luhann Kotze

Conv: Euan Bogle (2)


Next Saturday 17th September the Colts are away to Falkirk in the league.

The following Saturday 24th the Colts will play Ayr in a friendly. Details to be confirmed






Bigga Colts Dominant Win at Dumfries

Dumfries Colts 7pts v Biggar Colts 41pts.

Green Conference – Saturday 3rd September 2016

“Commit yourself to learning. The most valuable asset you’ll ever have is your mind and what you put into it”

Biggar clearly learned lessons from last weekend at Dunfermline and applied their skills more effectively than their hosts in the Galloway hills.

There was a fine variety of fumbles, slips and misdirected passes early on, largely down to weather and ground conditions, before Biggar constricted their opponents into submission. If the Green Conference Champions were not at their absolute best last week, they certainly rectified that against a side that spent most of the afternoon on the back foot.

Early pressure and big collisions set out the visiting team’s stall and Biggar’s intention was clear from the outset. They weren’t out for a Saturday stroll.

Openside flanker Lewis Stewart’s energetic start led to turnover ball. Andrew Nimmo, more than happy to support, burst through the middle and ran like a prop that wasn’t going to be stopped to score the first after 7 mins. Euan Bogle struck well for the extras.

 Luhann Kotze, ever the opportunist, pounced on a spilt ball and sprinted in from the opposition 22m six minutes later to increase the tally with Bogle on target to convert.

Dumfries came back though and forced the penalty. Their attempt at posts pulled just wide.

Biggar’s back division was fluent and showed great composure after the re-start to feed Aaron Dobie on the wing who scored the first of his Hat-trick. Simple!

The 27th minute saw what was probably the try of the day. Robbie Orr delivered a slick flat ball to Lewis Stewart who hit the space. A sublime step inside at pace by the flanker drew the defender and opened up the space for a neat pass to the left wing, and Aaron Dobie’s second.

Good tactical kicking by Orr and Bogle put the hosts under real pressure and Bogle picked up a well deserved try after ‘Going solo’ from half-way just before the break.

31 -0 at half time was a comfortable scoreline from an accomplished performance. So more of the same in the second half? Sadly not!

There were a few personnel changes at half-time and it felt like Biggar forgot to disengage the handbrake fully and the game went a bit flat. This was a chance for Dumfries to push forward but they remained too lateral. Biggar did manage to slam the door in their faces a number of times, however some indiscipline in the Biggar ranks afforded them some territory and they capitalised well by bullying their way up to the try line and eventually getting on the score sheet. The close quarters defence from the travelling side was lacking somewhat. An area of development perhaps.

Biggar hadn’t lost their grip on the match though, and were soon back on track. They badly needed a restoring pick-me-up, which duly materialised when the ball was shipped wide, and through simple rugby, again, Alex Toal registered the visitors’ 6th Try of the day.

The Colts continued to show attacking intent right to the end. Aaron Dobie was in again with power and pace to secure his Third and Biggar’s second win of the season.

The report card reads as follows;

Forwards showed much improvement since the previous week. Dominant scrum and more aggression at the breakdown and working harder to secure the ball. Jordan Gray showed dynamism and Craig Frame not afraid to get ‘Down-and-Dirty’ against bigger lads.

The centre partnership of Rory McGinn and Matthew Stewart was a tireless presence and the backs in general looked ‘joined-up’. Good communication throughout.

The whole team appeared to have improved vision and played a brand of rugby we all love to watch but they must stay focused and avoid freelancing when the game is won.

This game kicked off at such a cracking pace. If this is a glorious indication of what is to come then everyone will be richly entertained, although these Colts still need to work exceptionally hard as defending a title will not come easy.


Tries: Aaron Dobie (3), Andrew Nimmo, Luhann Kotze, Euan Bogle, Alex Toal.

Conv: Euan Bogle (3)


First home match against GHA this Saturday at 1pm will prove to be a stiffer contest one would imagine.

Biggar Colts confident start to league campaign at Dunfermline

Dunfermline Colts 14pts v Biggar Colts 47pts.

Green Conference – Saturday 27th August 2016

Biggar kicked off their defence of the Green Conference with a comfortable win against Dunfermline but at times were found out in certain areas of play which will need worked on. However it is early season and everyone continues to improve.

On a great day for running rugby it was Dunfermline who took the early initiative using their larger pack to keep it tight and power up. Biggar did eventually contain them with some good tackling which at times forced ball to be spilt by Dunfermline.

When Biggar did get the ball it was moved out to the backs and it was then fed to Andrew Jardine to glide through for the 1st try which was then converted by Euan Bogle.

Some minutes later the ball was fed again out to the wing , back inside to Robbie Orr  and when close to the line was able to feed ever present Callum Dunlop to dive over in the corner for a well worked try which was well converted by Euan Bogle.

When the tempo was lifted and the ball moved away from the Dunfermline pack , Biggar were able to take control and with good speed of hands it was left for Henry Adams to go over. This try proved that with fast hands opportunities would arrive constantly.
More tries should have been scored this way but too often passing was being delayed. In the forwards set pieces was going well and Callum Dunlop was certainly making his mark all over the pitch.      

Half Time : Dunfermline Colts 0pts  v Biggar Colts 19pts

Biggar then rang the changes and what is good to see is that those coming on are as good players as those coming off. That really matters as the season develops.

After early Dunfermline pressure in the forwards, Biggar again took control and an excellent break by Henry Adams was thwarted just short of the line to which he then offloaded to Andrew Jardine to score which was converted by Euan Bogle.
Simply Biggar then switched off and were not keen enough in the loose and reacting quickly enough which allowed Dunfermline to score an opportunity try when spilt ball on the line was seized upon.
Biggar didn't put their heads down and quickly responded with ball moved well out the backs to allow Henry Adams to go over which was converted by Bogle.

Shortly after this the forwards also showed they too have the handling skills  needed and it was moved involving many of them along the back line and finally out to allow Marcus Dobie to score which was well converted by Bogle.

This was followed up by another nice piece of play and Biggar sliced open the midfield to allow Matthew Stewart to go over which was again converted by Bogle.

However again Biggar pressed the switch off button and areas such as set piece and defensive duties went missing. It was loose and not what was wanted by the coaches. 

Dunfermline saw their chance and their forwards bullied the Biggar pack in most areas and some good powerful play allowed them to go over for their 2nd try.    

Full Time : Dunfermline Colts 14pts  v Biggar Colts 47pts

Yes there were areas of play that  were impressive to watch but other aspects were not. The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individuals in the world but it they don't work together, the team wont be worth a penny.  Its still work in progress.

Biggar will look to work on these areas thorough the week.
On the positive side well done to Callum Dunlop who really impressed throughout and to Robbie Orr who is showing great maturity at stand off.

Next  away to Dumfries

Girls succeses in Club Cup Quarter-finals

Girls Club Cup Quarter final. Many thanks to Bill Denholm for this report.

Biggar 65 Annan 5

First up on the pitch were the U18’s who hosted Annan under the lights on Friday evening.

This quarter final tie was the first match in this competition for the Biggar U18’s as they had received a bye in the first round.

Annan were unable to play on Sunday, so the tie was brought forward to Friday evening, being played under floodlight at Hartree Mill.

Biggar had a squad of 19 with several players returning from injury although Annan were only able to field 14, which meant Biggar had a full bench.

The conditions favoured an open flowing game and it was Biggar that dominated for most of the first half, with good work from the forwards allowing quick ball to the backs resulting in Biggar opening up a commanding lead after 20 minutes.

The Annan girls competed well in the forwards but a serious of unforced errors in the back play through good pressure allowed the Biggar girls to dominate with power through the centre and speed out wide.

A good example was the constant harassment caused by Biggar scrum half Rebecca Clarke resulting in turnovers that were capitalised upon by Biggar. The Annan restart kicking was being varied to great effect and caused Biggar difficulty throughout the game, this is an area, no doubt, that the coaches will be working upon in training.

Biggar introduced players from the bench leading up to half time and this disrupted the pattern of play allowing Annan to have some continued possession. This almost resulted in a breakaway try which after regaining possession was scored to give a half time score of 48 -5.

The second half started with the Biggar girls showing, perhaps, too much enthusiasm resulting in several penalties for offside. However, composure was regained and following several more scores the competitive game was completed with some 20 minutes remaining.

Final score 65 – 5.

Tries by Abbie Baillie (2), Feebi Robinson(2), Rachael Hill (3), Ailie Tucker, Emily Armstrong, Kim Laird, and Rhiannon Yardley, with 5 conversions from Sarah Denholm.

The remainder of the time was used as a development period mixing the players from both sides but with the temperature dropping rapidly referee David Raftery brought it to a conclusion after 20 minutes. Player of the match, as awarded by Annan, was Ailie Tucker.

This was a sound all round performance from the girls taking them through to the semi-final stages, their opponents at this stage are yet to be confirmed.

Many thanks as always to the officials and catering staff with special mention to Richard Robinson for filming the match which will allow the coaches to analyse the play. Thanks also to Jennifer Baillie and Douglas Bell for manning the kitchen all night, and to Megan and Erica Macleod for bringing tray loads of rugby cookies and cakes, which were much appreciated and commented upon.


U-15's v Ayr

The U15’s had a tough trip to Ayr on Mothers day. Kicking off at 10.30am and on the day when the clocks went forward was no-ones idea of fun but alternative dates/times had proved too difficult to schedule. Biggar returned victors and now await the semifinal draw.

Biggar Colts lose out at Boroughmuir

Boroughmuir Colts 24pts v Biggar Colts 19pts.

Friendly – Saturday 20th August 2016

Simply , the Biggar Coaches of Yogi, Gav and Muz will have learned more from this defeat than they will ever have by winning it. There is no harm in losing as it focuses the squad that much still needs done.
Biggar lost away to Boroughmuir on Saturday on a testing day for rugby but there was no doubt that the hosts played to the conditions better.
Boroughmuir forwards were well motivated for this and with speed and bulk they kept it tight and continually powered up the field from which they gained early advantage with a try which was a result of their strong play.

Biggar as ever knew they just needed to get into their stride and take their opportunities and this they did with good hands and running lines culminating in a try for Aaron Dobie to bring them back into the game.

Biggar then capitalised on a poor pass from the Boroughmuir back line to which Robbie Orr greatly accepted to run in for 50 yards which was converted by Euan Bogle.

From this Biggar should have moved further ahead a good running from the backs continually broke the defence lines but the final passes and wrong options were stopping the tries being taken.

Indeed as Biggar failed to score it was Boroughmuir who took their opportunities with 3 tries being score unanswered. Simply Boroughmuir kept the ball tight , used their big boys to hit up and then the ball was moved quickly out to fast running players to come in with good lines to go over. Biggar were failing to interpret the conditions and adjust accordingly.

Much of the play Biggar tried to enforce was more suited to playing 7's on a dry summer day. The result was too many wrong decisions and mistakes in the game.

With 10 minutes to go Biggar did come back into the game with a try in the corner for Aaron Dobie which was well converted by Euan Bogle. However Biggar could not get the final upper hand and Boroughmuir took the win

Final Score : Boroughmuir Colts 24 pts v Biggar Colts 19pts         

Areas have been identified and these will be worked on at training and lessons will be learnt. The most obvious is “Playing to the conditions”

Next week is the start of the league campaign with a trip to Dunfermline.
Competition for places will be strong as the 8 Glasgow District players return who certainly will face a fight in certain positions to be in the starting line .   

Colts start season with win at Hamilton

Hamilton Colts 7pts v Biggar Colts 41pts.

Friendly – Tuesday 16th August 2016
“In order to succeed we must first believe we can” and that is what Biggar Colts showed on Tuesday night with an impressive performance in their 1st game of the season. Every player put in a performance which certainly will make it challenging for the coaches in selection when the Glasgow Regional Players return.
On a warm night, Hamilton took the upper hand early with some big runs by their powerful forwards who were made good yardage and were only being thwarted by some impressive tackling and no more so than Stuart Forest who stopped their Number 3 in his tracks but he had to go off after it due to impact on his shoulder.
Hamilton failed to score from their dominance and when the ball was won by Biggar and shipped out to the backs it did not take long for the backs to gain the upper hand. Some excellent interplay by Aaron Dobie and Rowan Stewart resulted in a try in the corner for Aaron.
Hamilton quickly responded by continuing to use their forwards who were making some big bullish runs specially their hooker who scored after a quick tap and go from a penalty. Conversion was put over.
Biggar knew they just needed to stick to their game plan and the backs put away a fine set piece move to allow impressive Henry Adams to score under the post which was converted by Euan Bogle.   
End of 1st Period – Hamilton 7pts to Biggar 12pts
Biggar in this period started off well and took the 1st try with Alisdair Steele going over after good interplay with Aaron Dobie. Shortly after this Robbie Orr at stand off put in a clever cross field kick which was received by Euan Bogle to allow him in the corner which he then converted.
Biggar however did not consolidate the game and allowed Hamilton back in with good hands by their backs twice allowing the winger to go in for 2 quick succession tries. Too often Biggars defence was not up quick enough and tackles were being missed.
End of 2nd Period – Hamilton 17pts to Biggar 24pts
Hamilton must have felt that they had the upper hand going into the last third but Biggar as usual knew they just needed to be more clinical. This they did and the forwards started to take control and Jordan Gray was gaining continual yards for the team and this allowed ball to be moved out to the backs and after some fine running by Aaron Dobie , Euan Bogle went in for his 2nd try . Aaron then himself scored a try which was converted by Euan Bogle, The last try of the day was a result of good fast hands putting the ball simply out through the back line to allow Alex Toal to score in the corner for the final score.

Full Time :Hamilton Colts 17pts v Biggar Colts 41pts.
Well done to all the boys who really showed a lot of maturity against a fast strong team.
Notable performances came from Aaron and Marcus Dobie who made some big runs due to tier speed coming on to the pass, Robbie Orr who not only attacked well but was very impressive in his tackling especially when having to cover out wide.
Alisdair Steele at full back was solid and very assured in his play. In the forwards Jordan Gray made good yards continually while Calum Dunlop secured good ball at the lineout.     

Biggar Colts

Our Colts team is made up of our 16-18 age players and competes in the Edinburgh District U-18 League, competing at the highest level and providing stiff competition for any team in Scotland,. The team train on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is coached by Yogi, Muz and Gavin, who have been working hard with this ever changing group for a number of years and have coached many of our current 1st and 2nd XV players.

If you would like to know more about our colts team please conatact Colts Convener David (Muz) Murray on 07786158710

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