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Biggar RFC AGM and the future

Season 2016718

The Club is currently run by a General Committee comprised of Office Bearers and various Convenors who take responsibility for different sections within the club - please see below a list of those who were in post in season 2016/17.

As you will probably know, we are currently seeking Charitable status for the Club which will result in a good deal of restructuring with regard to the formation of a Limited Company and a Board of Trustees. We had to appoint Directors and Trustees before we could make our application to OSCAR.

The Club committee will still exist however, although it is also open to some re-structuring, this primarily due to the ever-increasing size of the club and the amount of time required to run and manage its business as efficiently as possible.

Our AGM is the point within the year when Office Bearers and Committee are elected. The majority of those currently in post are willing to stand again in their current role or in another role or as co-opted members of the committee (as indicated). All current committee members will be subject to re-election at the AGM while any interested parties may themselves stand for election at the AGM providing they have a proposer and seconder on the night (election may be subject to a vote with the stipulation being that anyone wishing to stand for committee and their proposer and seconder must all be full Club members).

The current committee is keen to recruit new faces to join them in running the club and making things work, whether that be as a specific convenor with an identified role or as co-opted members to 'shadow' current convenors.

Anyone requiring further information should contact a member of the committee who will be able to provide an insight into what is involved.


President Al Stewart (standing down as President after a 2 year term; automatically co-opted for one year as ex-President)
Vice-President Peter McDonald (Proposed/Seconded as President for 2017/18)

Club Secretary David Adams
Treasurer Doug Low (standing down as Treasurer but available for Co-opted role)
Fixture Secretary John Jackson
Facilities and Development Nigel Pacey (Proposed/Seconded as Treasurer for 2017/18)
Bar, Sponsorship & Membership Secretary Gordon Young 
Merchandising Ian Notman   
Pitch Convenor Hugh Barr
Playing Convenor Ian Notman 
2nd XV Rep John Bogle (Proposed/Seconded as Vice-President for 2017/18)
Mini Convener Laura Watson  
Midi Convener Paula Yardley 
Colts Convener David Murray (standing down as he 'retires' as Colts coach)
Girls Convenor Tammy Mitchell
DO/Academy Rep Patrick McGinn  
Co-opted members Doug Ward


Rugby has SO much to offer.         Biggar RFC has so much to offer.

Minis host North Berwick

It was a different feel on Sunday at Hartree Mill as winter weather finally took hold. Our P3's seemed to feel the effects too as we hosted North Berwick in a joint training session and games. - The visitors just showed the edge in the end winning by one try but we had some great positives as we saw some of our new players really get to grips with the game in their first proper match. Well done to all who took part and for the sideline cheers from our very cold parents!

North Berwick arrived with a squad of 10 on Sunday. Since we only had 6 we agreed on a combined training session followed by a mixed 8 a side game. Although we'd normally play 6 each side the important thing on Sunday was to keep everyone involved as it was pretty chilly.
As we saw in the previous week our players were keen to get stuck in from the off and the coaches are pleased to see the number of tackles being made increasing every week.
We will continue to work on the physical aspect at the next training session and introduce some new exercises to keep up the momentum with our tackle practice.

A twelve strong Biggar P5 squad faced a strong North Berwick P5 squad on Sunday. Given the excellent numbers we managed to run two games simultaneously on adjacent pitches. This is a first for our group and its great that we have numbers to be able to do this. The two Biggar P5 sides were split with equal ability in both team, but with no substitutes. In one of the games we were heavily beaten 5 tries to zero. This was most unlike this group but i think the very cold conditions and two injuries left this team with a mountain to climb against a reasonably strong North Berwick team. I am hoping David and Harry are none the worse for the knocks they took. However, there was some strong running from Lewis and Conor, but our usual high scoring strike runners were struggling to cope with the cold, with both attack and defence suffering. The other Biggar team fared a little better losing out by a couple of tries (5-3) to a fairly large and skilful North Berwick side. We finished off with a combined game which saw North Berwick score a last play try to win 6 tries to 5. The Biggar team showed great stamina and heart to push North Berwick so close. We did suffer a little with the referee’s interpretation of when defenders can advance, but Rory and I were delighted when Poppy made a mockery of the rush defence by wrong footing them all and running in a lovely try up the touch line. It was good to see progress being made by some of our new comers with Conor realising he is a potent force in bulldozer mode, Lewis showing a clean pair of heels to the whole North Berwick team to score a cracking first ever try (apparently the North Berwick TMO said he dropped the ball over the line, disagree). Our usual grapplers did some excellent work in the loose with Fergus, Ruari and Alastair doing especially well. Kyle showed more of his new found confidence with another great try through positive running and fast feet. Archie put in some kamikaze style tackles and equally abrasive forward runs, great commitment and frightening at times, keep it up. Harry, Oliver and Eve continue to show excellent progress in all aspects particularly making yards when in possession and getting into the right position in support of the ball carrier. Game time is key to everyone gaining more appreciation for the rules, although this can at times be difficult with some interesting interpretations from the referee.
Well done everyone, it was a tough day for most of us. Given the conditions we did suffer from the cold.

This week we played North Berwick.
We had a good turnout of players.
We had a good training session beforehand as North Berwick were a bit late turning up.
All players were up for it,we then played two games with some good tackles being made by both teams, but North Berwick are a good well coached side and were too strong for Biggar on both games and were convincing winners.
We then had a coaching session on rucking which went down well with both teams.
Then we mixed up teams and had a full side game with all players which all enjoyed.
I must say that the  North Berwick players were very well mannered and respectful to myself and the Biggar team. Good fun.

We're calling Biggar P7s the 'comeback kids' on Sunday. Despite intentions of building on last week's impressive performance, the first ten minutes against visitors North Berwick were a catalogue of errors, cold hands led to passes not going to hand, tackles were being missed and we were overpowered in the ruck. Ref Aird Jardine's whistle couldn't have come soon enough and the home team found themselves 4 2 down. The team knew exactly where they were going wrong, and where previously they might have dropped their heads, today they came out all guns blazing and North Berwick suddenly found themselves scrambling back in defence and encountering a more determined Biggar line. Ten minutes later the score was level at 6 all, and a final ten minute playoff was enthusiastically agreed on. Biggar's hands must have warmed up, as passes were flying across the pitch and players were slicing the North Berwick line. Final whistle blew on a 10 - 7 scoreline to Biggar. The whole team should be congratulated today, but a special mention has to go to Robert who scored his first ever try!

Minis host Dumfries Saints

Biggar P4s welcomed Dumfries Saints on Sunday. Since numbers from both sides were low the coaches agreed on a combined session of training followed by a mixed game. The Biggar P4s, who have trained with the P5s for the last 2 weeks, were much more willing to take the ball into contact and also make attempts to tackle, with some big, confident tackles being made. From the coaches point of view it was a very encouraging session as the players continue to get used to the physicality of the contact game.

Another good day for the P5s today with an ever growing squad. A 14 strong P5 squad faced a slightly smaller (in numbers) Dumfries team today at Hartree Mill. We started the first game well with an early try but then Dumfries responded with one of their own. We traded one each but then realised snakey snakey defense is far inferior to the the fishing net approach (ask the kids). In addition to this, the realisation that we are rugby smart, plus the application of forward running rugby saw us prevail 6-2.
In our second game there was more of the same and we ran out winners 5 tries to zero as our self belief grew.
It was by no means one sided with Dumfries handing out a bit of a lesson in rucking. Something we will work on in the weeks ahead.
Special mentions for Kyle for some very imposing play with confident running delivering two tries, and Lewis on his debut who played like he'd been there for the last three years. Well done everyone.

We played two games against Dumfries
They were a very strong and skilled team who were to much for us
1st game we lost 12-1
2nd game we lost 10-2
We then had a mixed team game and the boys played a lot better with some good runs from Biggar
Game ended in a draw
Overall Biggar P6,s put up a good show and they enjoyed it.

A great team performance providing a 7 to 4 win over visitors Dumfries Saints.
The welcome return of Fergus M to the squad meant that along with Josh, the squad had the muscle to control the centre of the pitch. Massive hits from both players left Dumfries' ball carriers out of options up the centre, and their ability to draw in multiple defenders opened up space for Biggar's speed merchants to run in try after try down the wing. A special mention goes out to new recruit Max G who showed he's got the gas to be another real threat.
The speed the ball was shipped and the improved ball handling across the squad is making a major difference, as is the calm efficiency of the scrum half, with set piece play now becoming a real strength.
The game was not a one sided affair, with Dumfries moving their ball carriers to the wing in an attempt to expose weaker tacklers and managed to pull back a few tries, but for every try they scored, Biggar replied in kind, meaning they were never going to catch up.
It's starting to come together for the P7s after a slow start to the season. All the players have listened to the coaches over the past weeks and are putting it into practice.

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