Biggar RFC Summer Touch League

Touch Rugby is a high-energy game which can be played by anyone of any ability.

When: 17th May to 2nd August (12 weeks)
Time: Monday 19:00 to 20:45

There are 10 squads made up of a selection of senior male and female players, non playing members, new adult senior male and female players and the over 35s.

Basic Rules 

– 6 players on each team.
– The attacking side has 6 chances to score before the ball is turned over to the defensive team.
– The attacking side must pass the ball backwards and score by placing the ball over the try line.
– To stop the attacking side, a defender has to touch the player with the ball. Once a touch has been made, the attacking team performs a ‘roll ball’ (placing the ball between their legs) and the entire defence must retreat 5m.
-After 6 touches, or if the attacking team drops the ball at any point, the ball is turned over to the other team.

For further information on rules, Covid guidelines and more click the link below.

Summer Touch Rugby Rules

League Table 

1 Symingtonians
2 Old Abingtonians
3 Bizzyberries
4 Tinto Toppers
5 The Coulter Fells
6 Cardonnies
7 Drevars
8 White Craws
9 Libertonians
10 Skirlings