Advance Notice……..May 17th

Touch Rugby returns to Hartree Mill!

If Covid restrictions are lifted (fingers crossed for that) the club will embark on its Summer touch rugby competition next Monday (17th May).

Kick off is 7pm!

Please check social media to assess accessibility for spectators.

May 11th 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week (10th-16th May)

Go to the Player Welfare page to see how you can help if you believe someone (yourself perhaps) is struggling with their mental health.

Mental Health is something we will all come across at some point or suffer from.

It is too important to ignore – our Club strapline is

Biggar RFC: One Club, One Family.

Please make sure you match up to that and look to help those who may be in need.

 April 26th 2021

Huge thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their time on Sunday to help plant Hedge plants at the club. In just over 6 hours of work the team of around 20 volunteers planted around 1100 hedge plants to create over 250m of new hedges at the club which will hopefully mature to make the place look better and provide an enhanced habitat for the local wildlife.

Thanks must also go to Glenkerie Wind Farm who funded the plants through a grant and will also shortly fund a new boundary fence alongside the road.




April 2nd 2021

Rugby Action

At Hartree Mill, action has now resumed for almost all sections with the Ladies making a return this week. Most groups are restricted to non-contact activity but getting together again is a big bonus for all our members. Sunday’s are absolutely jam-packed from 10 am onwards as the micros, minis and several Youth sections are all busy.

Monday 17th May is an important date as that is the date when – all going well of course – all ages are able to resume ‘touch rugby’. Academy guru Nic Humphries has been busy organising a touch tournament which will run on Monday evenings for some 12 weeks through summer. It is for squads of 10 comprising senior players (men and ladies), U18 leavers, Over 35’s and non players. There will be 10 teams and if you are interested please follow this link to register (on Eventbrite).

March 2021

Health and Well-being – something for everyone to ponder

There would seem to be a little light at the end of the tunnel with regard to the vaccination roll out and the Governments schedule to return to ‘normality’ which includes progressions for a return to rugby. Our Minis made a very quick return to action, some of our Youth squads were in action last week while our Colts and Senior players, who will be restricted to fitness and handling skills, are looking to return this week.

Getting back into action will be a massive boost for us all: members, supporters, coaches, staff and principally our players, young and old, who have really lost out this past year.

Missing games is the tip of the ice-berg.

The social aspect of meeting up, the dressing room camaraderie which comes from being with your pals, training together, learning about each other, developing social skills, practical skills, developing fitness and game time are all part and parcel of club life and their value cannot be underestimated. Particularly for those who have a myriad other challenges in this fast-paced, media driven world.

Health and well-being is a massive talking point at the moment and rightly so. Last weeks documentary by Roman Kemp

( )

highlighted the very difficult position many face, not only during this current pandemic but more generally in growing up and living. Sadly, two of our former players, internationalists Fraser Brown and Rory Sutherland have both had to face up to the mental challenges posed by spending lengthy periods on the sidelines recovering from injuries. While both have struggled with their mental health they are now in a better place and are also involved in helping everyone to be more aware of the potential difficulties players face – and not just those who have made a career out of rugby. Fraser, through RSABI and Rory through the e-learning course launched this week by the SRU and described below are supporting these programmes.

It is our intention to look at health and well-being over the next few weeks with a focus on mental health.

We all have a role to play in helping each other, especially as we all have mental health in some shape or form.

The SRU e-learning course seeks to raise awareness about mental health, how to recognise it and how to break the negative stigmas which abound. Having completed the course, (it takes around 30 minutes) I would recommend it to you as a very good starting point for anyone interested in being of assistance to their children, friends and family. Follow this link to access the course or simply go to the SRU website and search for Mental Health.

The link is here

Look out for social media posts relating to this topic.

Biggar RFC: One Club, One Family

Now, some other important stuff!

Would you be willing to help the club by taking up a committee post? There are 2 vacancies up for grabs – Membership Secretary and Girls Convenor. Please see the adverts below.

Membership Secretary:

You would be responsible for collecting annual memberships, collating membership information, sending out reminders, reporting to the committee at monthly committee meetings.

Girls Convenor:

You would be responsible for representing the Girls Youth section at monthly committee meetings, overseeing fixtures, liasing between coaches and players.

The fact that we are not meeting up at Hartree Mill makes filling vacancies all the more challenging because no one has the opportunity to chat over ideas and roles or to make casual inquiries about the organisation and management of the club.

Biggar RFC is a leading club within Scottish Club rugby. We have fantastic facilities for both playing and socialising. We have a wonderful and very supportive membership, and massive backing from our local community. We are also very ambitious and look to make improvements to develop what we have to offer. Taking on any voluntary role (as so many do) can be demanding but equally, hugely rewarding.

If you are interested and would like more information about either post or about the committee and other roles please speak to President James Orr, Secretary Mike Booth, or indeed, to any committee member. Alternatively, if you think someone you know would be suited for the role, please let us/them know about these vacancies and encourage them to become involved.

To paraphrase John F Kennedy:

Ask not what your club can do for you – ask what can you do for your club?

February 2021

And NOW, showing on Biggar RFC TV……

Yes, it’s true! As from Friday 19th February we have our own YOU Tube TV!

Available to watch now are ALL last season’s 1st XV fixtures with the hope that in the coming weeks/months we can add other features including matches from 2018/19, 2020 Lockdown features such as My5 and Player Profiles.

If it’s possible we also hope to feature live feeds for whenever we are given the green light to return to live rugby.

Included are our sponsors and advertisers adverts which gives them a little more return especially after their very generous support for this season (despite there being no actual macth programmes or spectators at Hartree Mill).

Well done GY and especially Nigel who undertook to upload all the footage gleaned from the SRU files.

To watch, you can either go to You Tube and Search for Biggar RFC TV or if you’d prefer, simply follow this link

Please remember to then hit the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON as the proof of the channel’s worth will be in the number of folks who actually subscribe.


Sarah success

There is no activity at Hartree Mill at the moment and so good news is in short supply but there was one really good piece of news this week which features one of our own, namely Sarah Denholm.

There was much joy in the Denholm household this week – and of course within the club – when it was announced that Sarah was the recipient of the prestigious Captain S.T Garner Award for most outstanding First Year Athlete from Edinburgh University. Short listed with 3 other girls, Sarah came out top!
Many congratulations on this wonderful achievement which is a tribute to Sarah’s hard work and commitment. Sarah is a great ambassador for Biggar RFC and her award received many very positive comments about her as a role model for the younger girls at the club and indeed anyone who is looking to play rugby.

The first link below will take you to the actual announcement of the award while the second is a link to a full length interview with Sarah where she talks about how she got involved in rugby and how her career has progressed alongside her Uni commitments. Well worth a listen!



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  • These are the Gold Club results for 2021. Congratulations to all winners!


    £250 John Hamilton

    £100 Ian Barr

    £100 Maggie Thomson

    £100 John Wood

    £100 Gareth Cathcart

    £100 Gordon Hamilton


    £250 Jan Warnock

    £100 Carolyn Cairns

    £100 Linda Bell

    £100 John Bogle

    £100 Robert Paterson

    £100 Kevin Anderson


    £250 Colin Hynds

    £100 Jim Wallace

    £100 Jean Taylor

    £100 Linda Bell

    £100 Janice Bogle

    £100 Blair Hill

    December 2

    £250 Ian Warnock
    £100 Colin Robison
    £100 Kevin Dempster
    £100 Tam & Sheila Tweedie
    £100 Colin Scott
    £100 Mrs T Donnelly

    £250 Mrs J Drife
    £100 Alex Young
    £100 Rab Ramsay
    £100 Alf Tucker
    £100 Neil Harrison
    £100 Peter McDonald

    £250  George Watson
    £100  Robert Paul
    £100  Grant Sutherland
    £100   Tommy Taylor
    £100   John Wood
    £100   John Hamilton


    £250 Andrew Cairns
    £100 Phyllis Tweedie
    £100 Andrew Warnock
    £100 Andrew Goldie
    £100 Jeanette Allan
    £100 Ted Gordon
    £250 – Ian Conn
    £100 – Carolyn Cairns
    £100 – Thomas Forrest
    £100 – Donald Elliot
    £100 – Rikki White
    £100 – Maggie Thomson
    £250 – Wayne Godfrey
    £100 – James Wilson
    £100 – Elspeth May
    £100 – James Wallace
    £100 – Andrew and Joyce Clark
    £100 – John Bogle
    £250   –   Una Stewart
    £100    –  Sheila  Conn
    £100    –  Gary Watkins
    £100     – Joanna Robertson
    £100    –  Caroline Cairns
    £100    –    286   Trina Watson